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  • In last few years India has been an outsourcing hot spot. Familiarity with English as a business language along with other technical skills has become necessary to survive in the competition.
  • And as usual competition from all over the world is catching up, so to keep yourself alive in such a competition you should sound good with all recent trends in technologies.
  • You should be always ready to learn new things and update yourself to suit the changing requirements of the industries.
  • At Sumago Infotech we train you in technology, in culture and in language so that you have a global reach, for higher education or for better placement opportunities which will create a bright future for you.
  • At Sumago Infotech we provide you complete training on different platforms like PHP, Android, .Net and Java.
  • Sumago Infotech also empowers you with our special training workshops on Soft Skills and Personality Development which helps you to change the way of living the life and adds value to your life.